Thursday, 5 January 2017

Pillars of Atheism

Atheism is a negative, fairy-tale, emotional, irrational reaction to the belief in the creator, but it still has pillars like religion.

The first pillar:
An atheist disbelieves in God but testify that there is no God but matter, and matter doesn't finish or perish and it doesn't come from nothing.  The material world is the god of atheists willingly or unwillingly. Atheist believes in pantheism, the creator and creation are one thing: matter. he puts the attributes of the creator on the matter, it has no beginning no end, a wise and all-knowing matter!

The second pillar:
An atheist doesn't believe in angels but he believes in green, ugly, big bellies, big heads, very intelligent aliens. Dawkins claimed that they put DNA in his cells. Anyways, it is an atheistic belief and there is no proof for it except in anime and fiction.

Third pillar:
An atheist disbelieves in holy scriptures and claim that it is a human invention, but he still believes in books of his material religion, and the best one to his religion is "The Origin of Species" of the "prophet Darwin". Atheists believe in it so much even though science disproved it, but atheism is a blind faith.

The forth pillar:
Ann atheist disbelieves in prophets and messengers, but he believes in preachers of atheism, and ascribes to them the attributes of infallibility, dignity and magnification. No day passes without mentioning Dawkns, Hitchens and Harris.

The fifth Pillar:
An atheist disbelieves in hereafter, but he believes in other worlds which he doesn't see and have no proof, he believes in it just because the mastermind preachers of atheism supposed it when the facts of today's science forced them to a narrow corner, and they got countless proofs of intelligent design in the universe, then they escaped to the myth of "Parallel Universes" .

The sixth pillar:
An atheist disbelieve in Divine Predestination, but he believes in obeying of the power of matter upon him, he is just a programmed Darwinist machine, that's why he denies his free will, and in the best conditions he describes it as a delusion in his brain as a result of Darwinian evolution.

Do you understand now your belief, mindless atheist? Have you fulfilled your belief pillars, or you are just a half atheist? If you believe in these pillars then you are a good atheist and your heart is harder than a stone.
Thanks to Allah who honored us with Islam and saved us from this myth and ignorance.

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