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Who 'created' God?

Who 'created' God?

Who created God?

God is uncreated by definition.

If they ask who created God - tell them we take Allah as a God because He is uncreated. If he was created He would not be God, and therefore we would not take him as God. This is our belief, and it is a much more convincing belief than doubt (of the atheists) who have no answer.

Because we cannot see God, it doesn't mean that he doesn't exist. 'Absence of proof is not proof of absence' - as the debate argument goes. There can be someone behind a door and although you can't see him, it isn't proof that he isn't there.

We cannot see emotions physically, but we see their product; tears, smile etc. The hormones in our body cause us to get these feelings, however the feelings cannot be physically seen except through their product i.e. tears, laugh etc.

Similarly, we see the universe around us, and how it is sustained and controlled for so long - & we believe that this is the product of an All Powerful, Knowing and Wise Creator. This is our belief.

Why doesn't God show Himself then?

Allah tests us and sends guidance to us -Will we obey Him (by doing good and abstaining from evil) without seeing Him? This is part of our test. If Allah was clearly watching us, while we watched Him - then none of us would even feel inclined to sin out of awe and fear for Him.

We know it requires faith to believe in Allah without seeing Him. Yet there are many signs (ayat) that He has given us which help us in accepting and strengthening in this faith. These will be discussed later insha Allah (God willing.)
By Qatada

Who Created God?

One of the attributes of God is that He is Eternal. By definition Eternal is forever with no beginning; therefore the question is absurd. Only temporal/non-eternal beings are created. By logic, everyone agrees with the fact that there was something Eternal which gave life to this universe and its inhabitants. We believe that the Eternal is everlasting and intelligent being and we call Him God.

Why does not God show Himself?

God does not to ungodly things. By definition, He is not like His creation and not within His creation. If we assume that He were to show up, what evidence do you have that you will believe in Him? The classical arguments presented in the Qur'an which tell us that when miracles were revealed to people in the past they said it is magic. So what evidence do you have that you won't say the similar thing? 

By Salman_________________ 

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